Letting Go(d)

Expired Scientist
2 min readSep 19, 2021

Today I encountered a famous ayat in Al-Quran and somehow it struck me differently.

So by mercy from Allah , [O Muhammad], you were lenient with them. And if you had been rude [in speech] and harsh in heart, they would have disbanded from about you. So pardon them and ask forgiveness for them and consult them in the matter. And when you have decided, then rely upon Allah . Indeed, Allah loves those who rely

The part that struck me the most is the reliance comes after you have decided on your action. Tawakkal, reliance somehow it resonated with me at that very moment and reminded me of a book that my friend lent to me.

The Art of Letting God by Mizi Wahid

I am embarrassed to say this but I have long abandoned my Islamic and spiritual readings after few of my favorite muslim authors and preachers were slapped with ugly and despicable allegations. As a result, I kind of lost my modern spiritual figures. But that ayat piqued my interest again, and I finally picked up that book.

Surprisingly, I finished it in one seating.

I would categorize the book as the right book at the right time. The content is not something that is new or truly enlightening but it is downright a refreshing reminders to me, of something I have forgotten due to my obsession with planning and charting the right future for myself — a futile attempt to overcompensate what I deemed as lacking in the past.

It is disappointing when you have given so much, but gain so little. But that is life, I guess. The book reminded me that the waiting is the process, with faith that God knows better of you and what you are ready for. The future has so much to offer than the burden of your past.

Letting God does not mean you are being complacent in fact the book warns that complacency and compromise are two things that may creep up when we resorted too much on reliance, instead of working on our goals.

Nevertheless, the book contains many cliches and advises one may encounter from other self-help books but like watching the sitcom or show you have watched multiple times, the familiarity warms and softly realigns what has been misplaced before.

Truly, the right book at the right time. Alhamdulillah.