Happy Federal Day!

Expired Scientist
3 min readFeb 1, 2022

Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, I have an affinity towards cities. especially those that can be traveled by foot. And Kuala Lumpur is pretty high up there.

In honor of Federal Day — a day dedicated to Federal Territories, I spent my day on foot and public transport today, visiting colonial remains at the heart of Malaysia. I still drove though. I found it is economical to drive my way into Nu Sentral and worked my way trough.

Like it or not, malls are ample — and quite central to foot traffic in Kuala Lumpur
But first, caffeine
Apologies for the crude cropping, want to remove the plate numbers

From KL Sentral, I took LRT to Central Market, an establishment thrives since 1888 (What a year, the Chinese must have liked it). Then I went to the clearly opposite direction of what I supposed to since the covered pedestrian way is closed.

Stesen Kuala Lumpur was the pillar of urban public transportation. Completed in 1918, the design is similar to Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad.
Kuala Lumpur, City of Contrast, they claimed.

At this point I realized I was heading in the wrong direction, then I turned back, passing Masjid Negara to Dataran Merdeka. My observation, we are still long way to make KL a walkable city, with constructions blocking pedestrian way.

Colonial Walk. This says something about our mindset, right? Tiptoeing between reclamation of our history and the ostensible contribution of colonialism
“selamat datang”
Apt advertisement. (I swear, the Menara KL wasn’t photoshopped.)

Then, Zuhur at Masjid Jamek.

I like what they did with Masjid Jamek. Reminds me of the notion Garden of Eden that is prevalent in Islamic architecture.
Mosques, anywhere in the world, are places where muslims can recollect themselves
Shades of grey
Before malls, they are the kings

Then a shortcut trough Jalan Melayu to Sogo.


RM10.50. Not bad, eh.

As I walked towards Sogo, I could see that KL is recovering. Seas of cars and families roaming around, shopping. And among those, are the employees, the beggars who try to eke out for a day’s worth.

allegedly, where my parents hang out during their youth
remains of the COVID restrictions
the lifeline of many who work in Kuala Lumpur
just like the infrastructure, Kuala Lumpur is multifaceted, sometimes hidden between layers of conveniences

Truly, happy 50th Kuala Lumpur!