A Covid-19 Reflection

Expired Scientist
3 min readJun 6, 2021

Covid-19 seemed distant to me at first for the whole year of 2020. None of closest social circle had it. Then 2021 came with worse circumstance, more people contracted it, more people succumbed to it. Things become suffocating, but with a comfortable distance. You can live with it.

Up and until, approaching Raya Aidilfitri, my uncle and aunt who practically raised me (other than my parents) were confirmed positive with Covid-19. It started trivial at first because both seem asymptomatic. My uncle chose to be admitted to MAEPS.. He only coughed, he said. Then he had fever and body ache so bad my aunt had me contacted a friend of mine working in MAEPS to check my uncle out. Then suddenly he stopped replying to text and responding to calls. It was nightmarish.

His oxygen level was low and was transferred to Sungai Buloh — my friend told me. The nightmare dawned on my heavy — and I couldn’t imagine how his wife and my cousins feel, being away from him. As someone who is close to use, the feeling of helplessness enshrouded us. We suffocated in annoying helplessness.

Because Covid is different. You cannot go to those who contracted covid nor, visit them nor console them physically nor drive them to get help. You just hoping the system works for them and they get better. Thanks to technology for those who can afford it and know how to use it, the video conferencing helps a bit.

Covid is airborne, not just droplet transmission!

Things get harder now when you are personally affected by Covid-19 from your loved ones. I can only offer my thoughts and prayers to those who have lost their loved ones in this pandemic.

Our country is gearing up to ramp up the vaccine roll out. Started since end of February, we were constricted due the lack of supply of vaccines, thanks to the rich countries hoarding them. We managed to vaccinate 500,000 frontliners, and it took us two months. Then, Phase II for at-risk segments of society started and this is when glaring issues reared its ugly head, against the backdrop of increasingly high Covid cases and death. WHY IS IT TAKING TOO SLOW?!!

To be honest, I don’t know how to answer that despite being inthe daily meetings when these statistics and progress are reported. The big factor is vaccine supply, but coordination and strategies play their roles too. I just couldn’t shake the feeling that we NEED to do better, when the highest death case reported in a day, 95% of them are the old people and/or comorbids — whom are supposed to be actively vaccinated at the first place.

I understand many out there are upset, anxious and disappointed with the slow progress. Despite having almost 13 million registered and almost 3 million vaccinated, the authorities are still playing the “get registered now” like a broken tape adding the fuel into the anxious already-registered society. We are working hard, I assure you, to ensure the vaccines are jabbed straight into the arms of the eligible as soon as possible. Now as the vaccine supply steadily come in larger volume, getting people jabbed is our utmost priority.

I would advise patience, but people are tired of hearing that.

I would advice keep adhering to SOP, but people are tired of hearing that too.

I would advise trust us, but people have low, low confidence in us — and that’s really understandable.

I have nothing to say, really. But we will listen, and improve.